Picture of PaulInteractive Media and Design Student

Currently I am studying a Masters course at the University of Limerick. The university is situated along the banks of the River Shannon, Co. Limerick. The department of CSIS provides a broad range of courses within computer science and design. The Masters that I am studying examines today's technology, how it is implemented and new ways of creating interaction.

This website is to document my process and design ideas as I progress through the one year course. I will update new content to show how new ideas are developing and on a weekly basis. At the end of each week a 3min video will be posted on my Diary Page, documenting my progress and any difficulties that may arise during my studies.

Back Ground History

Prior to commencing this course, I studied Sculpture and Combined Media at Clair Street Art College. My initial studies led me to further investigate the social impact that interactive public art may have on a broader community. This has led me to research new ways of allowing interactivity between the viewer and the work, hence finding new ways of fusing the viewer and the art work so that the viewer becomes a part of the work.

My previous work has been mostly Sculptural using mixed media, including metal, wood, clay and other recyclable materials. From my studies at Art College I developed my knowledge of using Sound as a medium so that I not only addressed the visual elements of art but also extend a viewers perception to the aural senses.

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